E-Book: Big Chop to Waist Length

E-Book: Big Chop to Waist Length

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Natural Hair Stuck at Chin or Shoulder Length?


Want to Finally Reach Beyond-Chin/Shoulder-Length Hair Goals?


Listen, having your hair press the pause button on growth after reaching a certain length is one of the most frustrating things women experience during our hair growth journey.


And after trying regimen after regimen, product after product, and stylist after stylist, you’re just about ready to wave the white flag and accept your hair length for what it is (or is not).


But WAIT before you do that, because I want you to know this:


I grew my natural hair from Big Chop to Waist Length and I detailed every picture, every method, and every scientific reason for my success inside my eBook, “From Big Chop to Waist Length”. So, drop the white flag, grab my eBook get back to #hairgoals.


Here’s what’s waiting for you inside this 50+ page eBook:


A full behind the scenes look at my hair growth journey including which products I used, which regimens worked best and more.


Detailed responses to some of the most asked questions along with the corresponding scientific data on hair growth – whether your hair is natural or relaxed.


Pictures illustrating and chronicling my full hair growth journey and hair care regimen strand by strand.


Now, while I can’t promise you’ll get the same results as me, what I can promise is that you’ll get the honest truth about the ups and downs of my hair journey – no photo shopped images, no curly girl weaves – just straight facts.